Yes, stage! Problem is that staging has become so very expensive that home owners don’t want to shell out the money. Thousands a month to stage a home can really cut into the profit. Find an agent who has their own staging furniture-they do exist. That agent has invested in their business and cares about the home selling promptly and for the best price. 

Now, let’s talk about what staging is and what it’s not. Staging is not about furnishing a home, the sellers can just leave theirs. It’s about giving a buyer the idea of what a room can be. It allows the buyer to imagine what the room will look like with their own furniture. Never overcrowd a staged room with “things”, it should be minimalist, clean, light. Don’t forget the bathrooms, add WHITE towels (see what I did there), put a small tray with a candle, pretty soap, a flower, put flowers or greens around everywhere. The kitchen can simply be some nice towels, layered tin with seasonal fruits or veggies (good fake versions only), and a pretty cutting board against a wall. Keep in simple, use it as a place to put a little color around. 

Not every single room needs to be staged. Living room, primary bedroom, eating area, foyer, bathrooms. You can virtually stage rooms that you don’t physically stage.

Look through these recent photos or tour the Matterport links for some ideas. 

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