We are hiring independent real estate brokers. Well, that’s not exactly true; we are hiring the agent who wants to shine above the rest, break out of the crowd to stand on their own, and ready for unlimited income potential.

We are not your typical real estate company. We support, promote, and encourage you to grow your business in a way that fits your lifestyle. Our belief is that each agent is unique and needs to find their niche and a marketing plan that is comfortable for them. Too many agents try to mold to the company rules, we mold to the agent. Our training, support, and experience are unmatched.

Our agents earn 80% with no fees! We pay the E & O insurance for all of our agents, you will never be billed. No transaction fees, family fun day fee, closing fee…nothing! Paid within 48 hours of closing.

I would love to sit down with you to discuss you joining us!

Contact Mary Ellen Holleran 919-360-4978 or maryellen@maryellenholleran.com